September 25, 2022


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Heartbroken Kajiado Woman Catches Husband Chopping His Boss

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It all started like a scene from one of those Nigerian movies. My husband came home and told me that he had been assigned to a new boss, a madam.

Peter is a driver at one of the big firms in Athi River. He calls himself a VIP driver. That is a person who drives around category A company employees starting from CEOs to senior managers.

His bosses love him because he has a clean record. No accident and very professional. Unfortunately, the love has never translated to his salary as he is paid just enough to sustain us. I had implored him to quit the job but he said there was nothing else he could do.

When Peter told me he would now be driving a madam, I sensed big danger. My fears were confirmed when the next day, my husband drove his boss to Mombasa for a three day conference. He didn’t call back home during all that time.

When they came back, my husband started coming home late. He would say he was forced to drop the boss at her home and run some errands for her after that.

I also got suspicious when Peter started applying some very expensive perfume. He all of a sudden became very conscious about how he dressed. To make matters worse, he would be on the phone for very long hours with his boss, even when he was off.

I knew things were not OK when my husband refused to touch me in bed for three straight weeks. This was a man who couldn’t sleep without giving me my dose.

I became very afraid and decided to seek the services of Dr. Mugwenu, a leading herbalist in Kenya. I contacted him and explained what was happening to my husband.

Mugwenu promised to help me. That same evening, I went to my husband’s work station for an errand. I was told he was in his boss’s office. When I walked in I was SHOCKED to find them chopping each other.

My husband admitted to satisfying his boss because she had threatened to fire him. I was very furious. We asked the madam to pay us or we expose her.

She gave us a lot of money which we used to buy a taxi and my husband quit the job.

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