September 25, 2022


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Kajiado Man confess sleeping with over 500 women

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Kevin Maina  alias Steno, a kikuyu known actor and comedian has talked about his journey of fighting lust after sleeping with over 300 women.

The married man with 3 children says he realized he could not stop himself from wanting to sleep with any woman he came across.

Being in the limelight he was able to trap so many women who he came across. He says the women would want to sleep with him because of his fame and also good looks.

Without realizing he noticed he could not control his thirst for women.He would even pay to have someone sleep with him.

This brought problems with her family to almost breaking up .This is because he would constantly bring sexually transmitted diseases to his wife.

He was also in the edge of destroying his career since he was always held in scandals with childsupport cases.

There was also a time a lady threatened to leak his nude photos which they had shared unless he paid a minimum of 100k which he had to pay.

He loved his family and his career but no matter how hard he tried he could not be able to stop.He found himself looking for someone to quench his lust.

He says that a friend of him advised him to visit a traditional healer who would cast out that spirit of lust that was bothering him.Immediately he got treated he felt so free and could not admire women as she did before.

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