September 25, 2022


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Why Wife to Mighty Salim Divorced Him before he died and Married a Mzungu lover

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Mugithi Maestro Mighty Salim died last year while receiving treatment t KU hospital and referral.

Several Reports indicated that Mighty, or baba Kacy as he preferred to be called, died due to kidney failure.

The issue about his illness has been known to the public and at some time in 2019, his friends conducted a fundraiser at Homeland Lounge to raise Ksh 2 million for a kidney transplant. He needed Ksh 2.5 million.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria was said to have helped the artist seek medication locally as they couldn’t raise the needed amount.

After the funds drive, the late took to social media pages to lament how his fellow artists and media personalities left him out to die, claiming that a top Mount Kenya politician had issued him a fake cheque.

In the same year, the Salim family buried their elder sister Dorcas Muthoni Salim (Mso Domsa), who was also a musician, and after about six months her son also died.

Muthoni battled cancer while the cause of her son’s demise remains unknown to the public.

A reliable source has revealed to Opera news Kenya that Mighty Salim survived with the second wife after being divorced by the first wife one only identified as Esther Baumbach, who left him for a foreigner.

Seeking to verify the claim, a close friend to her directed us (Opera) to her Facebook page where she had narrated how she suffered from physical assault by the artist.

“I am not out here encouraging anyone to leave but no-one should be subjected to violence and cheating!” she posted.

“13 years ago I left my Mafefeine or bush marriage due to violence and cheating! I had been in that situation for a very long time obviously because I was already a mother of two, my eldest Kacy was 4 years old and Leslie was only 2 months old. My husband told friends I couldn’t survive without him but I was determined to leave the abusive marriage, “she added.

Esther added that after being kicked out of their matrimonial house, she worked as a waitress in a bar, worked as a cigarette brand promoter and sales agent and most of the time after walking the whole day, she would go home empty-handed.

She noted that her husband reported to the chief accusing her of abandoning her younger family to hang out at nightclubs and at some time, Mighty found her at a night club performing (she was a musician too) and the a fight ensued.

“My ex showed up one night during my show and waited for me to get off the stage. He held me by my neck and strangled me saying I was trying to show off, I reported the matter to the police and he was arrested,“ she stated.

After suffering for some time, Esther said that she opted to log in to a dating website and that’s how she got hooked to a ‘Mzungu’.

“I met someone from the Netherlands and he later came to see me in Kenya. He was kind and very good to me and my kids but he wasn’t the right person for me, all he wanted was to take care of me. You know like buy me a house and make me comfortable and that was good and kind of him but that wasn’t what I wanted,” she disclosed.

She further added, “I wanted my freedom and a firm foundation, I faced my fears, grew from the little scared insecure girl to this fierce woman who is determined to achieve her goals, later I found a security job in Dubai and that’s how I left Kenya.

Currently, she stays in Abu Dhabi with her husband and works for a security firm.

After the divorce, Mighty Salim released a song lamenting about being dumped.

The song states, “I can’t believe that you are gone, getting into the house only to be told that you had left forever,” but he didn’t release it to the public but only to his Facebook page as coming soon.

Later the musician remarried and was blessed with two children.

Another source hinted to the writer that Salim had ditched Christianity and joined the traditional (Thai) cult. Several artists among famous artist Muigai Wa Njoroge are said to be members.

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