February 23, 2024


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Boma International College on the Spot Over Sex Scandal

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Lobby Groups and human rights defenders have called on Boma international College to allow Jolly Gatwiri graduate and be handed a certificate for her Diploma studies.

Concerned Citizens Kenya lobby group, has accused Boma College of denying Gatwiri her right to graduate after she refused sexual advances by the manager of Estate Sonsira in Mombasa during her internship.

Speaking to our reporter, Gatwiri has said she has suffered Psychologically, shame, humiliation and fear which have made her numb, sick and depressed.

“All these atrocities by Boma international Hospitality College and the Management of Estate Sonsira have made me suffer Psychologically, made me fear and even caused econmical damages,”paused Gatwiri.

She further said she has fear of authority reflecting back and it has lowered her esteem.

” I have fear of authority, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts and decreases self esteem,” she paused.
The lobby group further accused that all certificates issued at the college are sexually transmitted alleging entire management of the school being quiet about it.

They have said failure of Gatwiri being given the okay to graduate will lead to a massive demonstration on Friday 26th which is the graduation day of the College.

Human rights defenders present said it is sad that Gatwiri is being denied the right to graduate because she refused to sleep with the manager.

” Women go through alot. We know of many instances where people are offered sexual advances before they are attended to,” said Fatma.

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