May 22, 2024


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City lawyer accused of being a freemason, ex-wife seeks baby’s body exhumed

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A woman has moved to court seeking to have the body of a child she allegedly sired with city lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui exhumed.

Tabbyrose Wanja Wamwitha wants the body daughter exhumed so that an autosy can be conducted by a public pathologist.

In an affidavit, Wanja claims that advocate Kinyanjui practices and participates in harmful religious practices known as free mason arguing that there was foul play in the death of her daughter.

“The circumstances surrounding the deceased’s death would remain unraveled yet Wamwitha’s family has strong reason to be believe that there was foul play in the death of the minor,” read court papers.

According to the woman, the girl died suddenly on October 14, 2017 at the MP Shah Hospital, adding that the child suffered from down syndrome and heart complications prior to her death accusing the lawyer of never supporting the baby’s medical needs.

The child is said to have had a fever the day before and despite the mother insisting on taking her to hospital, Kinyanjui refused.

“The applicant forcefully took the infant to the hospital and the next morning at around 4am and at 6.30 am the infant was pronounced dead,” she claims.

She also argues that Kinyanjui booked their daughter’s body from the hospital’s mortuary to his farm in Gatundu without consulting her.

Further, she claims that a pathologist best known to the lawyer did the autopsy and she was never given the results of the autopsy nor has she ever had access to the said results.

“The reason as to why he changed the burial location remeains a mystery to me and my family. I have strong reasons to believe that this action was geared to ensure that no autopsy would be carried out as requested in order to determine the true cause of the death of the deceased,” read court documents.

Wanja had suggested that the baby be buried at Lang’ata Cemetery or on her land in Maai Mahiu after an autopsy had been done, in which both parties agreed.

She says that since the burial she has visited the graveyard once.

Kinyanjui has opposed the exhumation of his late daughter’s body through lawyer Geoffrey Makome.

Makome said it’s not true that Kinyanjui never attended to the infant as had been alleged by Wamwitha.

“I know the said Tabbyrose Wamwitha as a disagreeable , abrasive and very aggressive and unreasonable woman, who would have totally wreaked havoc at both Kinyanjui’s officer and farm were any such burial done secretly,” Makome said.

Wamwitha’s elder sister Anne Wangeci has supported the lawyer saying that the body should not be exhumed.

She maintains that as a family they were involved at every stage of the burial plans until the body was interred at the lawyer’s firm.

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