May 22, 2024


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Council of elders in pledge to unite Maasai community

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Narok Maasai council of elders has vowed to unite the Maa communities so as to consolidate their votes ahead of next year’s General Election.

Elders, led by chairman Kelena ole Nchoe, said the Maa nation should speak with one voice, so as to be part of the next government. “This time round we do not want to divide our votes.

We want to come together and put our votes in one basket so that we can have a sizable piece of cake in the next administration,” said Nchoe. The elders spoke at a Narok hotel yesterday.

They noted that the community has not enjoyed goodies from previous governments because of their divided stands that makes it difficult to negotiate for their rights.

Ole Nchoe said they will put off any leader who attempts to divide them on the basis of their clans, adding the issue of clannism has affected their economic growth.

“We are no longer interested about the clan one comes from, what we want is to bring all the Maasais from Laikipia, Kajiado, Narok and Baringo together and vote as a block next year,” he said.

Nchoe was recognised and awarded a medal during the Mashujaa Day celebrations for his contributions in peace building.

 Council vice-chair Mzee Sironka Ole Iree asked the Maa community to maintain peace even as politician’s transverse the area in search of votes.

 He maintained that the community must remain united before and after the elections.

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