December 7, 2023


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Drama as Speaker kicked out

Kenya's LGBTQ Ban Threatens Ksh 4.2 Trillion in Foreign

Kenya's LGBTQ Ban Threatens Ksh 4.2 Trillion in Foreign

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There was drama yesterday at the Kakamega County Assembly following the ouster of Speaker Morris Buluma.

Minutes after the vote, Buluma stormed the premises, saying he was still the Speaker. Buluma, who was accompanied by 12 Ward Reps including deputy Speaker David Kasaya, termed his impeachment null and void.

 “Speaker cannot be impeached in such a rushed manner. These MCAs purported to have impeached me in less than two hours,” he said.

 But moments later, another group of 75 MCAs stormed the Assembly, saying Kisa West MCA Bernard Omboko is the acting Speaker.

The group, led by Lazaro Lucheveleli of East Kabras, said they followed the due process of the law in impeaching Buluma. MCAs also accused Buluma of corruption and nepotism. They demanded that he accounts for Sh120 million.

They threatened to kick out the deputy speaker if he continues to side with Buluma. “There is massive corruption and nepotism in the assembly.

We resolved to kick out the Speaker after he failed to shed light on the accusations,” said Nominated MCA Lucie Mugalla.

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