September 25, 2022


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Eng. Naran Arjan building a safe center for lactating mother’s in police custody.

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Imagine the plight breastfeeding mother’s go through when arrested? Some of them are forced and separated from their babies.

Now imagine the pain the go through and their babies? Physical and mentally.

When Eng.Naran Arjan learned of the pain and anguish breastfeeding mother’s go through in police custody he thought of a solution and the solution was to build safe shelters in all police station in Langata.

The shelter will restore the dignity of our women who are arrested while breastfeeding or pregnant. They will be separated from other inmate’s in the cells and placed in safe shelters that accommodates their conditions and that if their babies.


The first of this kind of shelter at Langata police station is in completion stages.

Eng. Naran Arjan a philanthropist cum politician is also vying for Mugumoini ward MCA seat under the roots party.

Having done alot to the people of Mugumoini community including installing water tacks, food programs and sponcering talents he is considered the frontrunner.

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