February 23, 2024


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Househelp Recounts How She Came to Employ Her Former Boss

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I still don’t understand why housemaids are mistreated by their employers. Aren’t they human beings? Is being poor a crime surely?

My boss used to wake me up at 3 AM every day to start working for her. I would clean the whole five bedrooms of the house even though I had cleaned them the previous day and nobody had stepped inside there.

She forced me to wash everything in the house including her innerwears even when she was on her monthly period. It was so disgusting. I would sleep at 1AM, only to wake up 2 hours later.

But that did not end there, she would delay my salary at the end of the month or even refuse to pay me, saying I was so lazy.

I remember the last day she kicked me out of her house because I was sick. It was raining very heavily but she couldn’t hear my cry for help.

I was almost giving up on life until a friend of mine advised me to seek help from Dr. Mungwenu.

I visited the great doctor’s offices and my fortunes changed immediately. In two years, I had opened my business. Today, I have employed my former boss in one of my shops in Nairobi because she was fired due to COVID-19.

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