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How my best friend ran away with my wife but I revenged harshly

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This is a real story. A friend we live with in Ngong’ Nairobi arranged a house warming party after he had just completed constructing his mansion house.

He invited who is who at home for the party which took the whole night with food, drinks and music characterizing the event.

It was an enjoyable experience meeting women and men of my age and spending time together. The party kicked off at 6PM in the evening. Goat roasting and started to flow at around 10 PM after we had ate supper.

Everyone got lost into the worlds. Some friends had come along with their wives to enjoy that December house warming party. It was a mind-blowing experience.

But even as the party was going on well, on the other side, some friends had come with ulterior motives.

This is a very sad but true story. The host of the party lost wife to a friend who started seducing her beautiful Luo partner.

It started as a joke as the two who are all Luos continued to converse suspiciously in their luo dialect which some of us could not understand.

Throughout the night, they appeared too close to each other. They were all over each other but gave them their time knowing very well their relationship will not go past that.

The party ended next day morning and we left. Guys started to drive away and before that, there was a closing session where vote of thanks was given before we ate the Last Supper and left.

We saw the wife to our host hug with her Luo counterpart with whom they had become too close. At that point I suspected but never wanted to raise alarm. They kept calling each other cousin.

Interestingly, a month later, my friend who hosted us called me and told me that her wife had left to her rural home but when he tried to check with the brothers, he was told she was yet to arrive two days later.

I told him to calm and wait maybe something could have happened, but unfortunately his wife had switched off her phone.

I proposed to him to approach an African medicine doctor who can sort out such relationship matters with a stroke of a finger.

I asked for a number from someone I knew who messaged me this number +254 740637248 of the herbalist and forward to him. He called the Doctor called Mugwenu who performed some distance traditional spells that helped trap her.

In next two days, the wife was calling my friend telling him she had been tricked by one of our friend who was in the party to visit him in South B Nairobi.

My friend then informed the doctor that finally the lady had surfaced and Mugwenu said, “wait and see what will happen to the man who is sleeping with her!” and in just a day, the man was calling and asking for forgiveness, He confessed having used money to lure the wife to her place.. He also said, “My balls are swelling very fast,”

I knew the herbal doctor was working. I ordered him to pay sh 100,000 before Mugwenu can free him. He send it very fast and Mugwenu freed him with a warning.

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