May 22, 2024


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LGs smart technology That Enables You Control your Home While at Work

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You don’t have to worry about many things happening at home thanks to LG ThinQ technology which allows you to remain connected to your appliances no matter where you are. At home or at work or on vacation, LG’s artificial intelligence technology gives you peace of mind at all times.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful technology that allows devices to mimic human behavior through deep learning. It has been successfully deployed in creating smart homes, which are basically residences that are equipped with devices that automate tasks usually carried out by people.

This includes use of applications, voice commands, automation and AI. Recent improvements in home automation have created intuitive devices that are able to ‘learn’ human behavior patterns and fit in with your lifestyle.

According to the LG ThinQ 2021 Smart Home Report, an increasing number of digital-savvy home owners not only want to customize the functioning of home appliances but also reduce housework and save money and energy.

Personalization is a key consideration as it enables people to live life freely. It also makes life fun as we don’t have to be bogged down by mundane decisions as we go about our daily lives.

With people spending more time indoors, the smart home concept is becoming the new norm. If you are worried about high energy bills, smart washing machines that optimize wash time for each load use less energy and water thus saving you time and money, giving you a truly happy experience. For instance, the LG washer-and-dryer combo with SenseClean system perfectly fits the bill in terms of excellent performance and energy usage.

Smart lighting is another innovative feature designed to save electricity by ensuring that lights are turned off when noone is in the room. Lighting consumes around 15 percent of an average home’s electricity use. Reducing the amount of unnecessary lighting also curbs light pollution – the emission of too much light that is not needed – for a greener, healthier Planet.

Are you agonizing about how to secure your home? Smart doorbells can sense when someone approaches your house, transmitting live video footage to smartphones and computers. Smart lights turn on and off when you are not at home thus deterring intruders.

Cameras study movements, habits and biometrics and can alert the owner of suspicious activities around the home. For people who have to work away from home for extended periods, this means they don’t have to hire guards or keep worrying about personal valuables in the house. Essentially, they remain connected to their houses even of thousands of kilometers away. 

As the world shifts to electric vehicles, a smart home comes equipped with gadgets that charge your car overnight using solar power generated during the day, giving you uninterrupted mobility as you go about your work and personal errands the following day.

A smart home is therefore more than just about a convenient lifestyle but also the peace of mind that is crucial for your overall wellbeing and mental health. 

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