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My boyfriend blocked me after he realized am pregnant

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Why do men always run away when they hear a girl is pregnant? These people always insist on hitting it raw but are never ready to take responsibility. I always wonder what is wrong with these sons of Pharaoh.

I remember when I was in college, Ben used to shower me with all kinds of gifts just to fall in love with him. He promised to marry me in a very big wedding. He even told me about how his mum was pressuring him to take me home.

I believed him. Don’t judge me because I was just a naïve girl in love. I gave in to his advances and allowed him to do ‘bad manners’ to me. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy it because I was still a virgin.

After three months of nonstop lovemaking, I realized I hadn’t received my periods. I went and bought a test kit. The results, came out positive. I was so shocked because he always told me not to worry because he was a master of the withdrawal method.

But my shock didn’t end there as the idiot immediately blocked me after I told him I was pregnant. I almost killed myself. How was I to tell my parents that I had gotten pregnant in first year.

My friend Monica laughed at me, when I told her I was in the family way. ‘Badala ya kusoma introduction, uliamua ufanye reproduction?’ she said sarcastically.

But Monica was not a bad person as she helped me with my problem. She introduced me to Dr. Mungwenu.

 Ben came back to me begging 2 days after I had talked to Dr. Mungwenu. He said he was sorry and was ready to take care of me and the baby. We are now living happily married. Jayden is two years old.

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