July 17, 2024


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President’s address should inspire hope

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Kenyans are facing a difficult time. It would seem as if nature and other forces have conspired to make life difficult.

The high cost of living, the ravages of Covid-19 and unemployment, among others, have pushed many Kenyans into a state of hopelessness.

President Uhuru Kenyatta will tomorrow address the nation on his track record and measures he is taking to make the going comfortable for people of all walks of life.

In previous State of the Nation addresses, the President used the platform to not only highlight the successes of his administration but to also make major policy pronouncements.

The fight against corruption has been lukewarm, an admission the President has expressed, saying he is frustrated that people still steal from public coffers and get away with it.

If Kenyans the fight can get some oomph and the money channelled to other causes, Kenyans will be the beneficiaries.

 Tomorrow’s address comes at a time when a new Covid-19 variant has been identified and is threatening to reverse all the gains made in the war against the virus. Countries are locking down again and the future is largely unknown.

 Kenyans will be listening keenly to the address and how the pandemic has been fought and will be fought.

The thought of tighter protocols spells doom for the economy but the threat of the disease is also big. With less than nine months to the election and with transition politics occupying the chunk of airtime, it will be expected of the President to calm the political tensions and foster national unity.

How the economy will be steadied in the election year is of paramount importance to all because previous experience shows the growth normally takes a dip because of electioneering.

Coming too soon after the pandemic ruined jobs the President’s address ought to be specific on how the ship will be steered in the turbulent waters.

Pronouncements about the high cost of living will be welcome. From the cost of food, to electricity, to fuel, the burden on Kenyans’ shoulders is big.

The presidential address should focus on what it takes to make life affordable. Kenyans want hope that the future holds great times for the country.

Citizens need inspiration that whatever they do will bear fruit and that the worst is behind us. In the face of adversity, the people need reassurance that they will remain unbowed.

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