April 15, 2024


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Thirdway Alliance claim BBI was a real monster

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By Miruru Waweru

Behind scenes and far from the public eye, BBI was a real monster that aimed to destroy the Country.

In Thirdway, one of our own was sponsored by a known agent of the BBI promoters to oppose our own case against BBI at the high court, she filed an application as the 51st interested party with sole intent of scuttling our case.

The evil scheme never worked and we are going to sue her for swearing a false affidavit.

Though we have won the petition at both the High Court and the Court of Appeal, Thirdway has lost so much in terms of public image, credibility, and visibility.

We are still treating the deep wounds inflicted on us by the BBI promoters through sponsored chaos. We have been a target of external sponsored chaos for two reasons:

1. Promoting Punguza Mizigo and

2. Challenging the Haram BBI process in court. We are optimistic that we shall soon be back on track.-

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