July 17, 2024


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Anti-Corruption crusader who was attacked by politicians emerge victorious

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Gordwins Otieno Agutu Maxwell Anti- corruption crusader has faced the battle within the Government circles, cartels and enemies of good governance.

Agutu came to light on the commonly known as COVID-19 millionaires’’ sparkled with heavy evidence and truth he made public what was hidden by state officials and corrupt cartels when misused donors’ funds for personal gain.

He runs an institution of Governance and in support of the Government on curbing corruption through intelligence gathering, investigations and collaborations to the National investigative agencies and international bureaus.

Controversy erupted when then high and mighty individuals calling shots in government were charged with responsibilities of taking care of the public resources, who went against the practices of public finance management Act and formed a coalition of thugs to loot the government dry of the unaccounted for internationally funded and inter- Governmental Agency and departmental mandatory collections.

Agutu, known to many as a no-nonsense Anti-corruption crusader, invaded the territory of men and women who sought to be wealthy through misuse of public coffers.

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He says “the Donors and international community is doing a lot to sustain certain heath programs to see lives taken care of but our society is such that an opportunity present itself for looting, it’s worthy to note that I was haunted for any wrong reason to demean my character and render my fight useless, they called me names and blackmailed my image with planned arrests and court cases that were never properly presented as alleged complaints sought serial withdrawals by badly presented cases lacking evidence and is not water tight, these were meant to divert the international and public attention on the fight against corruption and highlight of massive rot and looting.

The scrutiny data at the US Embassy and EU on fight Against corruption rated his organization Network Action Against Corruption (NAAC) as a strong voice and very reliable instrument on the fight against corruption in the African continent, amongst other clearly presented cases included the AFD Bank projects, Kenya ports Authority, National Aids Control Authority, Ministry of Education, County Government’s and other related state agencies that subscribe to the support of the donors

The EACC Kenya through their official twitter page handler congratulated NAAC Director Dr. Agutu for elevated Approach on the fight Against corruption

Kenya as a country is well equipped with resources, the only factor is leadership, they have enacted good laws, but lacks implementation as the majority of them supports corruption and worship power.

I plead with the international agencies, US Embassy and Governance, EU and either stakeholder to inject capacity building, education and proper resources to enable the organization to address matters of project/ donor funded aid that are crippled due to ongoing corruption related activities happening growth of infrastructure and economics sustainability.

Dr. Agutu extend a warning to the Kenya authority against blackmail to silence the good work of the pillars of the fight against corruption.

If we unite and fight this “dangerous animal” it is obvious jobs will be available resources will flow and Kenya will be greater in the face of the world.

Fraudulent blogging, blackmail and breach of code of conduct are vehemently conducted, we need the freedom to express our findings and whistleblower what seems of bigger capacity than our laws and institutions.

NAAC Director supports the judicial system in its open-door policy and jurisprudence in expedition of cases, we however urge courts to stand on the Apex of justice.

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