April 14, 2024


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Illegal Taza Lane Developer Confirm Untouchable Claims, Disregard Court Orders

Illegal Developers Overpower City Hall, Says Sakaja's CEC for Urban Planning

Illegal Developers Overpower City Hall, Says Sakaja's CEC for Urban Planning

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Despite court orders to cease construction at LR 209/7549-Taza Lane, City Park Drive, Parklands, work continues unabated.

The developer manning the site, Ameey Homes through its director Yusuf Asker has threatened residents, activists and journalists questioning the illegalities surrounding the developments.

In various occasions, Yusuf has been publicly uttering the words “no one can stop our construction site” we are Untouchable.”

The Nairobi County government confirmed sentiments by declaring its inability to intervene the illegalities due to the influence of well-funded developers.

The Nairobi County Housing, Lands and Urban Planning CECM Stephen Gathuita Mwangi informed the high court that the illicit developer, consistently disregarding court orders, has effectively outmaneuvered the enforcement officers of Nairobi County.

Mwangi appealed for intervention from higher authorities.

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Whistleblowers have revealed discussions among those responsible for the illegal developments, indicating plans to extend their activities to Muthaiga and Loresho areas.

The persistence of construction despite legal injunctions underscores challenges in enforcing regulations and protecting public spaces from unauthorized development.

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It highlights a broader issue of governance and accountability within urban planning and development processes.

“If left unchecked, illegal development land grabbing and such actions could compromise the integrity of neighborhoods and exacerbate issues of land use and resource allocation. The authorities face a daunting task in balancing the interests of developers with the preservation of community assets and environmental sustainability,” stated Mohammad Rahman an area resident during an interview with our Reporter.

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