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Revealed:This is why members of the military are exempt from paying certain taxes

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In some countries, members of the military are exempt from paying certain taxes because of the unique nature of their service to the country.

For instance members of the Kenyan military are not exempted from paying taxes on their non-military income. However, they may be entitled to certain tax benefits or exemptions in some cases.

For example, military personnel who are deployed on peacekeeping missions or other official duties outside of Kenya may be exempt from paying tax on their income earned during the period of their deployment.

This exemption is based on the provisions of the Income Tax Act, which provides for tax relief for Kenyan citizens who work abroad in certain circumstances.

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Additionally, military personnel who are injured or killed in the line of duty may be entitled to certain tax benefits or exemptions. For example, their families may be entitled to a tax-free gratuity or pension, or they may be exempt from paying certain taxes on their inheritance or estate.

It’s important to note that the tax policies and regulations around military personnel can be subject to change over time based on government policies and decisions.

The reasons for this exemption vary depending on the country, but there are some common justifications:

  1. To ensure that the military can focus on their duties: Military personnel are often required to work long hours, sometimes in dangerous or hostile environments. By exempting them from certain taxes, it allows them to focus on their responsibilities without the added burden of worrying about tax obligations.

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  1. To compensate for lower salaries: In many countries, military personnel are not paid as much as their civilian counterparts in other professions. Tax exemptions can be seen as a way to compensate for lower pay and to make military service more financially attractive.
  2. To recognize the sacrifices of military personnel: Military service is often viewed as a noble and selfless sacrifice, and tax exemptions can be seen as a way to recognize and honor that service.

It’s important to note that not all countries exempt their military personnel from taxes, and the policies around military tax exemptions can vary significantly. Additionally, even in countries where military personnel are exempt from some taxes, they are still subject to other taxes such as income tax on their non-military income or taxes on their personal property.

How much does military graduate is paid in Kenya

the starting salary for a newly commissioned military officer in Kenya is approximately Ksh. 72,000 per month, which is equivalent to around $660 USD per month.

This is the basic salary, and it does not include various allowances and benefits that military officers are entitled to, such as housing allowance, medical allowance, transport allowance, and others.

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It’s important to note that the salary of military officers can vary based on their rank, years of service, and other factors.

Additionally, the government may review and adjust military salaries periodically based on various factors such as inflation, economic conditions, and budgetary considerations.

List of ranks within military services

The ranks within military services can vary depending on the country and the branch of the military, but here is a general list of military ranks, starting from the lowest to the highest:

Enlisted Ranks:

  1. Private
  2. Lance Corporal
  3. Corporal
  4. Sergeant
  5. Staff Sergeant
  6. Sergeant First Class/Master Sergeant
  7. First Sergeant/Sergeant Major
  8. Command Sergeant Major/ Sergeant Major of the Army (U.S. Army)

Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Ranks:

  1. Warrant Officer
  2. Chief Warrant Officer 2-5 (U.S. Army)
  3. Second Lieutenant
  4. First Lieutenant
  5. Captain

Field Grade Officer Ranks:

  1. Major
  2. Lieutenant Colonel
  3. Colonel

General Officer Ranks:

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  1. Brigadier General (U.S. Army/Air Force/Marine Corps)
  2. Major General
  3. Lieutenant General
  4. General
  5. General of the Army (U.S. Army)

It’s important to note that not all countries have the same rank structure, and some may have additional or different ranks than those listed here. Additionally, the names and insignia of the ranks may differ between countries and military branches.

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