April 14, 2024


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Unmasking the Alleged Scams: The Truth Behind FEP Holdings’ Controversial Leader, James Kireru Waithira

Unmasking the Alleged Scams: The Truth Behind FEP Holdings' Controversial Leader, James Kireru Waithira

Unmasking the Alleged Scams: The Truth Behind FEP Holdings' Controversial Leader, James Kireru Waithira

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James Kireru, who presents himself as the Chief Executive Officer of FEP Holdings, has been accused of leveraging his past association with the company and falsely claiming connections with US-based firms to deceive unsuspecting individuals.

“Our investigations show he uses the company’s name although he left it in 2019 and uses the said purported connections with the US based companies to lure, corner and con innocent citizens who are unaware of his tact,” a source revealed.

Once Kireru accomplishes his fraudulent mission, he reportedly cuts off communication with his victims and moves on to target new individuals.

“He has now blocked us, we cannot access him on phone, you can only access him using a different number which he may refuse to receive when contacted,” stated a male victim.

Kireru is now under scrutiny for allegedly defrauding several Kenyans of millions of shillings by promising to facilitate their attendance at high-level conferences in the United States.

“We have some Mpesa messages to confirm that he received the money and so far the alleged CEO has not responded to our calls or replied to our messages as we sought clarifications on the matter before publishing,” explained a spokesperson.

The alleged scam began when Kireru claimed to have secured an invitation from a US firm for a workshop in the United States, as evidenced by parts of a letter shared with the complainants.

“I gave him more than Sh 200,000 for the workshop he promised to deliver, each one of us was told to pay Sh50,000. He has conned us a lot of money running to millions, we never knew that this was a fraud,” said one of the complainants.

Describing Kireru as a conman, another victim stated, “He is a conman, last week he ran away immediately he saw us, we want the government to intervene and get him arrested, we shall be making a formal report to the DCI next week.”

“Our investigations have indicated that Mr. Kireru survives on these tricks to make his ends meet. He had also written some emails to the complainants purporting to be from the US departments of visa approvals,” added a source.

“Everything was paid for, he requested that we pay him some cash that was to hasten visa applications which we did, we don’t know whether those emails were from the US various departments or was a Fraud, we want serious investigations into the matter,” emphasized another victim.

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