September 26, 2023


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Unveiling the Power Play Driving the Push to Impeach Wamatangi

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Over 37 Members of the Kiambu County Assembly on Monday declared their readiness to impeach Governor Kimani Wamatangi should he persist in his current leadership style.

Wamatangi’s tenure has been marred by strained relations with the MCAs, resulting in three failed attempts to impeach him since assuming office.

As a warning shot to Wamatangi, the MCAs on August 11 ousted Godfrey Waiyaki Mucheke as the majority leader and replaced them with Limuru East member Paul Macharia. The matter is already in Court.

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The MCAS accused Mucheke of “going to bed” with the executive and always defending the governor.

In an attempt to bridge the divide, a meeting was convened in June of this year, bringing together Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, Kiambu Members of Parliament, and Governor Wamatangi himself.

Kiambu MCAs threaten to impeach Governor Wamatangi over alleged incompetence, mismanagement

Gachagua had promised to hold talks with Wamatangi and members of the County assembly but it’s yet to materialize.

Addressing the media at the Assembly on Monday, the MCAs articulated their concerns about the governor’s mismanagement of the county affairs and his apparent neglect of the needs of the electorate

Speaking,  Majority leader Macharia Wambui (recently appointed to replace Mucheke) said the governor has been hindering the assembly oversight role by working with select elected officials and compromising the service delivery.

He noted that Wamatangi has been working as a lone ranger and doesn’t listen to their problems.

Wamatangi: MCAs have pocketed money from my opponents to impeach me –  Nairobi News

“We are sending a warning to Governor Wamatangi and In case he doesn’t change, we will deal with him as the law stipulates,” he said.

Karuri Mca Peter Njoroge Wainaina noted that Wamatangi has been misusing public resources by working with his Wamatangi foundation officials and always ignores the MCAs for serious meetings.

“We have resolved that we won’t allow Wamatangi to derail development, Wamatangi must constitute the government fully, or else we take the law, “he said.

He noted that Wamatangi is operating illegally as he hasn’t constituted his government fully noting that he is operating without substantive County Chief officers as well as the County secretary.

Wamatangi's woes deepen as Kiambu MCAs threaten to impeach him - YouTube

“We are not limited to impeachment and we won’t allow Wamatangi to mismanage the County as we watch, “he said.

Kiambu senator Karungo Thang’wa recently said that the governor should read the signs or face impeachment similar to his predecessor Ferdinand Waititu.

He noted that the issues raised by MCAs can warrant impeachment as the governor has been running the illegal government for one year since he joined office without substantial chief officers and a County secretary.

“I wouldn’t advocate for the removal of Wamatangi from office but if I were him, I would be very worried considering the same process was used to impeach Waititu. They ousted majority leader Anthony Konya and later Waititu,” Karung’o said.

Githiga ward Member of Assembly Ruth Waithera said that Wamatangi is a lone ranger who rarely listens to the issues raised by the members of the assembly.

“Wamatangi has a problem with decision making and that is why there has been no tangible project within the last year, “She said.

She said that they will result in impeachment In case he fails to deliver on the campaign promises.

Gachagua summons Kiambu leaders to avert Wamatangi looming impeachment

Ngecha Mca Patrick Ngaruiya said that Wamatangi’s recently rolled out NHIF medical scheme is in question and the assembly has requested a report on how much was used.

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Ngaruiya accused Wamatangi of single-handedly sourcing for Mauritius Insurance firm (MUA), instead of retaining the National Hospital Insurance Fund.

He urged Wamatangi to concentrate on service delivery and stop in early 2027 campaigns.

Early this year, Kiambu assembly minority leader and Ngenda MCA Joe Kigara told the Star that everything isn’t working well.

He had accused the governor of intensifying the division between the executive and legislature noting the governor hasn’t been consulting them in service delivery.

MPs Alice Ng’ang’a (Thika), Gathoni Wamuchomba (Githunguri), Gabriel Kagombe (Gatundu South) and Githua Wamacukuru (Kabete) had earlier accused Wamatangi of inaction and inability to transform the county for the better.

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Ng’ang’a on February 17, blamed Wamatangi for woes affecting Thika Level 5 Hospital.

No Plot to Impeach Governor Wamatangi, Kiambu MCAs Say

On the other hand, Wamuchomba piled accusations against Wamatangi ranging from failure to establish key municipalities in the county to attract more development funding, abetting the sale of alcohol by licensing more bars, to failing to provide firefighting equipment in her constituency.

Wamacukuru had described Wamatangi as a public relations governor who does little to transform the county.

Wamatangi would later hold a meeting with MPs and they ironed their differences and resolved to work together.

The unity was short-lived as the elected leaders warned the governor to stop micromanaging the County.

Wamatangi recently alleged a conspiracy against his political standing and noted that his opponents are destabilizing his effort to service delivery.

He claimed that political factions were using county assembly members as pawns in a larger game aimed at tarnishing his reputation.

“My opponents are working hard; they are using the county assembly members to tarnish my name. They are paid as little as Sh1,500 per day to achieve the mission,” Wamatangi said.

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