December 7, 2023


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How I achieved my childhood dream of living Abroad

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My name is Leonard Abieri.I live in Kansas city in the united states .As i was growing up i always had the dream of living abroad.Everyone laughed out whenever i told them about my dream.I came from a very poor family. We could not even afford bus fare to the nearest town but i was dreaming in going to the states.

Through the years i maintained the same dream untill i finished school. I could fill so many sponsorship forms but none worked. I felt so dissapointed at some point i wanted to give up.There was a time i was conned all my life savings after someone conned me that he would connect me to go abroad.

I filled my greencard lottery every year and even if i won something would come up and my visa would get denied.One day my grandmother told me that someone was holding back my destiny .I had to do something or else none of my dreams would come to pass.

Thats when i started looking around for someone to break that curse and i met DR MUGWENU.He really helped me and year later i won a greencard everything went smoothly.Its now 5 years living in the united states .Am always greatful to him

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