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Man narrates why he married at 40 years despite vowing not to marry

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Jeremy Mwangi was a happy man during his colourful wedding which took place in Aberdare resort in Nyeri county.He had finally tied the knot with the love of his life .

His parents were even more excited to see him wed. They had always been worried about their son as they watched him grow older without a sign of him bringing a wife home.

They were now glad they had a daughter in law and soon there would be grandchildren

Jeremy gave his painful life experience and why he never thought he would ever marry. It all started when he joined university.He fell in love with his first love when i first year.

On the first night together Jeremy was ready to show the lady he was a real man. It was a first time for him but not for the lady.Shock on him his a’kababa’ could not stand.

He tried so hard and how much the lady massaged it it was in vain.He was so embarrased as he watched the lady feel dissapointed.

This became the trend that whenever he came in contact with a woman Mr Dick could not respond.It became so stressful for him and as years passed by he came to a conclusion that he would never be able to have sex.He stopped chasing girls and would only watch friends make fun him ‘”Jeremy hajuangi kujitetea kwa madem”and some even accusing him of being gay.

He had even tried seing a gynaecologist but the medications never worked for him. It was years later that he came across an online strory in the interned about a man who had similar problem and was healed by one reknown Kenyan herbalist DR mugwenu .Though he had given up he decided to take a leap of faith and sought DR Mugwenu.

It was after consulting Dr Mugwenu he met a beautufil lady Wangechi from Nyeri.He felt over the moon when he was able to make love to her .He went round after round and Wangechi could not hide how good he made her feel.They did not waste time and within five months they had planned for a wedding

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