July 17, 2024


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My life is in danger, Businessman accusing Wetangula of stealing dogs now claim

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Businessman who on Saturday claimed that Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula stole his dogs has now said that his life is in danger after the expose.

He said that he has been ordered to either go for his dogs at Wetangula residence move that he state might backfire and be attacked while there.

He has ordered the senator to pay all the money and services that he has been rendered at his residence.

The businessman told newsline.co.ke on Sunday that he supplied well-trained and microchip German shepherds dogs at his Karen residence, Miotoni rd. on 11th June 2021.

Isokat said that the senator has been failed to pay despite him using all the means.

“On 11th June 2021, Bungoma senator ordered well-trained dog and we delivered at his Karen residence, we charged him Ksh 348,000 but he only paid Ksh, 100,000, the remaining was to be collected the following morning but he hasn’t to date, he has been taking me around with numerous threat from his security guards,” Isokat said.

He has reported the matter to the Karen police station on 8/07/2021 and his case was booked OB7A1N1N19/21.

 According to audial voice obtained by Newsline.co.ke , Wetangula is heard saying that he won’t entertain James’ behavior of camping at his home and causing fracas.

“James, good morning, am told you came to my home and caused a commotion, I told you I will pay you, don’t like it, am told you said you want to take your dogs, Ndung’u has told me so,” Wetangula could be heard saying.

The businessman has now said that he will file a case in court for him to be paid or being allowed to take his dogs back and sell to a potential buyer.

“I just need Wetangula to pay me and compensate for all the training I have done to his staff, I have tried all the means and he seems not ready to pay me,” Isokat said.

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