July 17, 2024


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The day Pastor Migwi Compared Uhuru to King Ahab over Demolitions in Korogocho slum

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The late Pastor Godfrey Migwi last year had compared president Uhuru with king King Ahab who snatched Jezebel piece of land in the bible and later his blood scattered all over.

Migwi was reacting to the demolition of houses and stealing of land in Ruai and Korogocho to pave way for the construction of sewer line.

“Your leadership will not be completed and am not cursing you,i declare blessing upon you but you must know that the demolition of the land in Ruia and Korogocho isn’t fair at all,”Migwi said.

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Pastor Migwi

He said that there are things that can wait and proper means used rather than letting people stay out sick and lonely and its raining.

“You are taking people lands in the name of sewage,sewage are made for people who aren’t hungry but what you are doing isn’t right,”he said.

He further said that he won’t join the bandwagon of other pastors who are compromised by the system and are left to praise Uhuru.

“If you fail to help people, someone will come along the way and help the people, be sure i will not worship you and not intimidated, i have been in state house several times and i know what happens,”Migwi said.

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