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What I did after my house was broken in to and laptop stolen

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Are you a man who at one point invited friends in your house and instead stole from you?

If this has ever happened to you, today, I will be telling you a story about Ken, my best friend who likes taking friends and especially women to his home.

His soft spot for women has landed him more trouble but he is yet to learn from it until one day something bad that almost cost him his plum job happened.

He picked a lady from a club and went home with her. She was an innocent looking lady who no one would think can steal anything.

Since I also never suspected her when we were clubbing, my friend finally went with her home at around 1AM. They spent their night well before the morning came and Ken left to work.

Having partied the better part of yesterday, he woke up early in a hurry and even forgot to carry along his work laptop. He left the woman who was still snoaring in bed.

He stayed on job until evening and returned at 6.30PM only to meet an empty house where all his valuables including electronics had been stolen. The woman had gone missing and switched off.

Ken called and told me the story before I rushed there to confirm if he was telling me the truth. I found the same situation on the ground.

We tried to walk around asking for whoever could have seen her pack off but no one had that information.

Worse, she had run away with the office laptop which contained a lot of finished and unfinished office work. Loosing that laptop meant Kewn would be sacked from job!

“Eeih bwana bila hiyo laptop nitafutwa kazi si angebeba kila kitu na aniachie laptop ya job,” Ken was worried.

I told him it would be found no worry but he seemed not to take me serious little did he know I had an idea of how we can get the thief.

Ken was finally sent home on the third day for losing the laptop, I still told him not to worry all will be corrected.

I mentioned to him someone by the name Mugwenu, a traditional healer capable of dealing with your enemies until they surrender.

I took him to the healer who asked him to calm down and explain himself so that he (Mugwenu) could understand what exactly happened.

He told his story as the herbalist nodded his head in disbelief. However, just like a medical doctor, Dr Mugwenu does a diagnosis on his clients by asking a few questions for self-introspection in the area of one’s life such as obstacles, challenges in financial and physical aspects, among others.

The following day, Ken received good news that there are three people including a woman who had been found stuck in another house across the road in the neighborhood. We rushed to check and guess what?  She was among them. Police came and picked them when Mugwenu also rushed to order them to pay what they had stolen from Ken. They confessed and gave back the laptop and other valuables.

Ken went back to his job to give the laptop when his boss, to his surprise, asked him to report back on duty.

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