June 15, 2024


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City Hall Officer in Hot Soup for Failing to Settle ‘Damage control’ Fee

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A cyber security consultant is the latest victim to fall prey to the money looting schemes of a notorious City Hall officer in Nairobi called Daniel Nguru.

The officer is known for his tricks and turns when it comes to making big money deals and can sometimes go a mile when it comes to saving his name.

But in the latest of few of his life battles, he has been put on warning by an internet and technology supply firm that is demanding an immediate payment of Ksh 22,000/which Nguru together with an accountant named Martha Wambugu agreed to pay for damage control over a post which we could not find online.

A letter dated 6th May,20233 from a law firm named Shabaan Associates LLP has the link aligned to one of the leading social media website titled meet city hall junior millionaire who has no papers but a search on the link brought no results.

However, part of the letter reads: “Our client states that sometime on 25day of April, 2023 you contacted to deploy his connections and relationship to procure internet and technological services. Which service was with regard to a post in the website.”

It further adds: “That through one Mrs Pamela Oteng you practically pleaded our client to help resolve the issues and help manage the damage resultant from the post.”

He states that the agreed figure was Ksh 320,000/= with a deposit of Ksh 100,000 paid through Mr Daniel Nguru via M-Pesa transaction Code RDP817T9JS and phone number 0722795680.

The letter adds that Daniel and Martha have engaged the supplier in cat and mouse games and that the law firm is now considering a lawsuit.

“Our instructions are therefore to demand  from you which we hereby claim settlement of Ksh  220,000/= being the amount owed from the transaction,”

The supplier has threatened to explore other avenues, among them instituting a lawsuit if the amount is not paid in seven days. This means they still have four days to comply.

Sources at City Hall say the two are close associates of Governor Sakaja and despite efforts from the public to warn the city boss about their operations, they still enjoyed unwavering support.

Those who had seen the post before it was pulled down clam it was about Daniel’s dirty dealings with the help of Martha whom they allegedly had a romantic relationship with.

Few years ago Martha and Wambugu were detained in Dubai with huge amount of money which were stolen from Nairobi city county government.

They also claim it talked about Daniel’s qualification credentials which cannot be ascertained.


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