July 17, 2024


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My Boss Refused to Promote Me, I Ended up Buying The Company

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Sometimes I look back at my life, and I think it can make a very good movie on Netflix. At 25, I was one of the best Sales people in this country.

My company used to make millions, thanks to my negotiation and convincing powers. I was the best closer in the city.

However, my salary did not reflect my job as I was paid peanuts compared to what I was making for the company. I was really frustrated, wondering what else I needed to do to get a salary increment.

I once wrote a letter to my boss, detailing how my work was helping the company and why I deserved a promotion. Instead of promoting me, my boss summoned me to his office, told me to work with what I was earning or quit.

I literally cried that day. I didn’t know that the rejection was setting me on my true path. As I headed home that evening, I met a guy in the Matatu who, after listening to my problems, gave me a phone number to call. That’s how I was introduced to Dr. Mungwenu.

I got a promotion a few days after speaking to Mungwenu. But I refused to take the offer as I had gotten a better deal in a rival company.

Today, as I write this, I just bought my former company. To teach that boss a lesson, I have increased his salary by 30%.

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