December 7, 2023


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They Said I Would Die Before my 30th Birthday, I am now 47 and counting

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I still remember that day vividly. The day the doctor deliver devastating news about my life.

I was seated in a hospital in Eldoret, when the tests came out. “You have chronic anemia Musa and I don’t think you will reach 30,” the doctor said.

Even though I was 28, and had 2 years remaining in my life. I knew I was already dead. I looked back at my life, and concluded that I hadn’t really achieved anything. I had been in and out of hospital for almost my entire adulthood.

My family had spent all resources, including selling our only piece of land, to cater for my treatment. Now, I was going to die, leaving them with nothing. What a life.

Though I maintained courage, deep down, I was questioning why I would live such a miserable life.

I was so sick, mentally I knew I was dead. My body could wait for the two years to join me.

However, as we were leaving the hospital, a nurse ran and gave me a phone contact. I was reluctant to take it because I had already given up but she insisted.

It took me one week to call that number. The person on the other end, introduced himself as Dr. Mungwenu. After listening to my problems, he told me I would live to see my grandchildren.

I am now 47 years and hoping that my teenage son will bring home a wife in the near future.

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