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Nominated Senator, Isaac Mwaura accused of stealing from his former employee

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I was employed at Senator Isaac mwaura’s company, called Acumen Recruiters International that deals with looking for job opportunities for ladies in the gulf countries last year October.

I was working in the marketing department. We agreed on payments but never signed a contract. Now early this year around Feb, he started deducting my salary for a mistake that o was not directly involved in.

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In April, I used my salary to go to Kakamega to look for ladies and I was promised that when I come back I would be refunded, but when I came back Senator Mwaura gave me only 5k.

When I tried asking him, he threatened that I was at a risk of losing my job. In June and July, we never received our salaries.

Personally, I tried asking for my salary so that I could be able to pay for my mother’s medical bills since she had been admitted, but he just told me that “pole” and that I had not reported to work for those 2 months.

After trying to persuade him, he paid me my June’s salary. We had also agreed that for every lady that travels to the gulf countries, theres a commission that we were to receive.

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So far, 6 of my ladies have traveled to Saudi Arabia but I’m yet to receive my commission. The breakdown of the total amount that Mwaura owes me is as follows;

My salary that was unlawfully deducted- 10,000
Balance of my expenditure while in Kakamega- 10,910
July salary- 19500
Commission for my ladies who have traveled- 9,000

Derrick Khamala
Former employee at Acumen Recruiters International a company associated with Isaac Mwaura.

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