July 17, 2024


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Sensational prophetess Martha claims Pastor Godfrey Migwi gospel was cultic

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by Prophetess Martha Mwihaki Hinga,founder of praise centre prayer over fear

To live is by Grace but to die is the greatest gain!

Six weeks ago, I was about to give an encounter and experience about now the Late Bishop Godfrey Migwi, but I pulled out for personal reasons.

We all have woken up to the tragic and devastating news of Bishop,a man who as late as Sunday was fit as fiddle.What really happened?

I know it’s perhaps unafrican to talk about the dead but for purposes of information and testimony I’m gonna talk about the Cultic scope of the late Bishop.

Bishop was Cultic, his Gospel was tethered around Cultic operations and his mode of operations was something I sharply differed.

Bishop began his ministry a while ago under the patronage of another late Bishop Maina wa God’s mercy (Photo on my post),who died last year under similar unclear circumstances.Bishop Maina used to have a church I think in Kariobangi before they split and Migwi put up a Cathedral in Kayole which apparently he built at a cost of 50milion without a single harambee,how that was done is story for another day.

The Church at the heart of Kayole was constructed in a record 7 months funded by himself and not even the congregation he flocks.He must have been loaded although no one could tell his source of wealth,he drove a sleek V8 machine and lived well.

A couple of years ago, Bishop Migwi used to date one of my Friends,a renowned Gospel artist, the second crop of gospel musicians.That musician later got married three years ago.

The musician used to share very weird experiences of what Bishop used to tell him.I remember how she used to tell us that Bishop warned her against going to burials and going close to the grave yard, interestingly when this artist got closer to a grave yard, Bishop used to call him immediately and remind her of what she told her.

That really was so disturbing and she decided to be keen on who exactly Bishop was.She later found out that Bishop used to have weird jewellery in his wardrobe and some of which he used to carry in his Shoes whenever he was about to preach.

One time this friend of ours shared to us that, Bishop requested her to go to Mombasa alone and then carry with her a glass of water from Indian ocean when she returns, that was the final red flag before she called it a quit!She Left Bishop never to return.That was the moment I started to interrogate the Cultic nature of Bishop.

Bishop had extraordinary money, sometimes he used to fund even the political activities of our DP,they were close.Apart from the V8 he used to have a range Rover sport.No known business apart from the church,he maybe have had joined Cults that supply money but in the end come for their share.

I had issues with his specific ministry on deliverance alone.The kind of kufukuza mapepo and people always dramatic during prayer.

The church that always focuses on nani ameweweka Nyoka ama paka kwa nyumba and so on.
Cults are real, before you settle for a home church make your own findings,interrogate and pray about it!

Rest in peace Bishop Godfrey Migwi!