February 22, 2024


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Finsco Africa owner in court after conning friends money

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Trouble is brewing at marketing and land management firm ,Finsco Africa, after one it’s founder John Mwaura was arrested last week by DCI officers after individuals he had borrowed millions of money to finance his company accused him of not paying back.

Mr Mwaura who manages Legacy developers in Kiambu among other companies had earlier been summoned to DCI headquarters after his funders accused him of being elusive on repaying the latter.


Happy Finsco International Women's Week by John Mwaura Kogi - CEO FINSCO  AFRICA - YouTube

“He is out on cash bail, his friends who had bailed him when Finsco Africa was almost crumbling had reported him to police after lending him money and he failed to pay back,” a source told this publication

This is not the first time Mr.Mwaura who is flamboyant in entertainment joints has crossed the law.


Last year, he was arrested by Kiambu planning department officials after he started selling land in Juja near spur mall

A warrant of arrest had been issued by Thika Law Courts after he failed to appear in court

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