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Househelp confess sleeping with his boss and siring a baby girl in Nakuru

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“Honey you are mine….I have your child…You did that because I am sweeter and cleaner than your wife,” our housegirl had sent this text to my husband

I heard a fight ensue in my neighborhood at night and when I listened carefully I realized they were my neighbors quarreling and fighting. It was a bitter exchange.

I went to see what exactly was happening and found that the wife to my neighbour had just learnt that her mboch(housewife) was impregnated by husband who kept her secretly in a rented premises somewhere in town.

The wife to Jackson went wild that night after she leant of this through a text message she had encountered in the husband’s mobile phone that night.

The text read in part, “Honey you are mine forever know that… I have your child. You did that because I am sweeter and cleaner than your wife,”

He had answered, “Ya but let my stupid wife not know it. Let it remain a top secret. I am buying you a plot soon,” the man had responded.

Earlier, the househelp had complained of contracting Malaria only to vanish a day later in the pretext she had gone to her parents to seek medication what was not the case. It was a plot they had hatched to avoid the wrath of wife whom they believed would, with time, realize she was heavy.

They had rented a home a few kilometers from where they stayed. Infact sources claimed she had started quitely moving into her new home a month earlier. She wanted to do it without raising eyebrows.

And according to how the wife narrated her story to the public, the husband as she had suspected, had been sleeping with the house girl for along time and she was just collecting uncontestable evidence.

Unfortunately, he had finally impregnated her to a level they were expecting a baby in few month.

Immediately after this incident, their marriage life started facing ups and downs until when she had to be advised to look for someone who would restore sanity in her marriage.

The husband had become uncontrollable, wild and never wanted to listen to any one complaining about her expectant housegirl. He was too much protective.

On our part we had to embark on encouraging the wife to remain calm and seek the intervention of a traditional herbalist known to solve such family matters.

The name that we proposed was Dr. Mugwenu, a traditional doctor known for his powers of dealing with such family challenges.

Mugwenu Doctors are the best traditional African herbalists from Tanzania but now living in the country, and spiritual healers who not only deliver to their promises but even heal dreaded diseases.

She started visiting Mugwenu secretly to receive assistance which she finally found when Mugwenu conducted a few spells which saw the husband come back to his family.

According to the wife, he asked for forgiveness for the pain he had inflicted on her, and as we speak, they are back together. They have both agreed to give the housegirl a wide berth.

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