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How police arrested serial rapists who would terrorize their business rivals

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My10 year wife was gang-raped in my presence with people I believed had been send by my business adversaries.

They arrived some minutes before 2AM in the morning, forced themselves into our house and into the bedroom and did the heinous act in my presence.

I remember my wife screaming asking for them to forgive her since I was around and it was going to be difficult for me but the men said we want him to witness this. He must learn a lesson.

“He must know that it’s not business as usual. He must drop that contract if he want to leave in peace,” they said this as they stripped her naked in my presence.

They hit me forcing me to look at what they were doing. They forced her on the ground and accomplished their duty promising to come back again.

That was my lowest moments since coming on this earth. How can they rape my wife in my presence? I asked myself without an answer.

I called my neighbours who rushed to help take her to a nearby hospital but quiet heartbroken. Since that time though I felt for her, I have never had the same love for her. She also lived with me in fear until one day she left home and went back to her parents in Murang’a.

Well I pretended that all was well but inside, I was burning not knowing what I could do next to live again my normal life.

She told me it would be good if we stayed away from each other as we take time to heal. I agreed with her but I could not keep the promise as she did.

I started moving around with other women with reckless abandon as if what happened was her making.

She heard of it and just wished me well. She was a kind of person you cannot hear her shout or quarrel.

My marriage with her was going to the dogs fast than we thought before I sought help from my close friends who advised me to seek services from Dr. Mugwenu whom they said will rejuvenate our love life and I will be able to forget about what happened to my wife and the gang of men that raped my wife will face the consequences.

I tried that option and the herbalist listed simple things I should do which I met and asked if I was ready to see those who raped my wife eat grass.

I said, “Do your job Dakatari,”

In a record three days, reports about four men eating grass next village spread across like wild fire and true, Mugwenu had done his part.

It forced them to confess what they had done to my wife, asked them to pay sh 700,000 before Mugwenu could them free for police.

They paid the money and we set them free where police took over from there. I called my wife back home and told her what had happened. Those who raped her were people we knew very well. They learnt a lesson which they will never want to encounter again and today, we are a happy couple once more.

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