June 15, 2024


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How young lady helped husband to cure premature ejaculation

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There is nothing as stupid as having to wait until marriage before sex. I mean, that is the greatest mistake anyone can ever make.

What if you are not compatible in the bedroom? What if one of you is a Ferrari and the other one is a Vitz. I met my current husband Peter in church. We were both attending a youth program and fell for each other immediately.

Peter is well off career wise. He is among the best computer scientists in the country. Above all, he is well mannered and any woman would fall for him. I loved him from the word go.

However, we couldn’t be intimate because of our religion. We dated for 3 years before settling down. That’s when my problem started.

On our wedding night, Peter didn’t even want to have sex. I assumed that was because he was tired. But things didn’t change in the next days. When we tried sex, I realized he couldn’t last more than a minute. I got so frustrated.

We tried several hospitals to get the problem solved, but all they gave us were short-term fixes which were not only very expensive but also didn’t work.

One day, a very close friend at work mentioned man called Dr. Mugwenu who had helped her with a similar problem. Due to my frustrations, I reached out to the good doctor immediately.

True to his reputation, my husband’s problem was solved immediately after talking to Mugwenu. Today, our bedroom life is not only cool but we are also expecting our first child together. I cant stop thanking the good doctor enough.

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Mugwenu is very confidential and will never share anything about his patients. In fact, I am writing this because I have seen miracles and want to help other people.

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