May 28, 2023


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MCAs Defend Nairobi Speaker Over Disarmament Threats

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By Our Reporter

Azimio leaders in Nairobi County Assembly have raised concerns on the government intentions to disarm saying they are political theatrics aimed at silencing them over demonstrations.The police has written speaker Ken Ngondi, deputy speaker Paul Kados and Redson Otieno of Ngei ward demanding that they surrender they firearms.

Addressing the media Majority leader Peter Imwatok together with other leaders condemned the move saying they will not be intimidated.

“We can’t to cowed or silenced with gun withdrawals because of maandamano …we died many years ago..but Kenyans must know that the life of our leaders is in danger.” Imwatok said.

“It’s a dangerous case and the speaker is not part this politics he has never been into maandamano stop exposing him to the dangers.” ODM Vice chairman Ochieng’ Jera said.

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