September 27, 2022


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Mugithi Star Kareh B and Award Winning artist Alex Karani release collabo song

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Gospel singer Alex Karani of Jesu Mutharaba Wakwa song and Mugithi Maestro Kareh B of Tirio Twega are expected to release a most expected collabo today afternoon.

Alex, who is an award-winning artist revealed to the media that they will be releasing a reggae gospel collabo song with a secular artist dubbed Ngukahituke Mwathani (Don’t pass me a lord).

Kareh B decided to take a different swing at things for her next outing.

Previously, she has collaborated with Jose Gatutura. On the other hand, Karani had also done hits collabo with Kambua and Grace Mwai.

During an interview, Karani said that the song with Kareh B is aimed to glorify God for the far he has brought them.

He said the music industry is now ripe for artists to earn and live a decent life compared with 5 years ago.

He urged Kenyan artists to invest in quality songs that can attract international airplay as well as an award.

“It’s true, we have a callable with my sister Kareh B, the song is of high quality and will bless the hearts of our supporters, “He said.

He didn’t reveal whether Kareh B has ditched secular industry to gospel.

“I can’t mention that, salvation is a personal choice, kindly contact her for a comment, “he said.

Kareh B

For the last two years, it has become a new normal for gospel artists hitting the studio with secular musicians.

For instance, Gospel singer Kevin Kioko, aka Bahati, has been on the receiving end from Kenyans on Twitter (KOT), following his two recent music releases with secular artists.

Bahati first worked with gengetone group Boondocks Gang on a song titled Taniua, which elicited a lot of debate among fans and music critics.

He later released his collaboration project dubbed Kererembe with the genge group, The Kansoul (Madtraxx and Meja).

Alex karani - Jesu Mutharaba (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Mr Seed also released a song Kwa Hao featuring up-and-coming gengetone rapper Madox of Boondocks Gang, comedian Kartelo, rising rapper Vuv and fellow gospel musician Masterpiece.

About 6 months ago, gospel dancehall singer Hopekid featured rapper Khaligraph Jones in a song known as Testimony. Interestingly, it was received well by his fans.

Willy Paul is believed to have triggered the current collaboration wave between the so-called gospel and secular artists. He has done a collabo with Size 8.

Last year, Willy Paul worked with Tanzanian singer Nandy, debuting their first single called Njiwa and later released another hit dubbed Halleluyah.

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