November 29, 2023


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Real Estate Stakeholders Association Urge Government to Address Delay In Processing Important Documents

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Real Estate Stakeholders Association has called on the government to investigate the issue of delays, especially on passports and title deeds which is causing inefficiencies and inadequate resources.

The Association which brings together like-minded entities has noted that the delays have caused hardships for individuals and families.
Speaking to the media, the Chairman of the Real Estate Stakeholders Association, Kinyua Wairatu, said the government needs to move quickly and launch investigations to end the delays after establishing their root cause and streamlining procedures.

“We, therefore, call on the Government of Kenya to take swift and decisive action to address the root causes of these delays and ensure that all citizens receive their government documents in a timely manner. We urge a thorough investigation to determine the reasons for the delays in processing government documents. Identify specific bottlenecks, procedural deficiencies and any corruption cases that may be contributing to these delays,” Kinyua said.

He stated that they should be consulted when some unilateral decisions affecting the sector are being made.

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“Re-evaluate and simplify the processes of obtaining passports, property titles and other crucial documents to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and bureaucratic obstacles. Implement modem technology and best practices to increase efficiency. Also allocate sufficient resources to government agencies responsible for processing documents to ensure that they have the necessary personnel, equipment and infrastructure to promptly meet demand, he added.


They have urged that transparent systems should be put in place to track the progress of document requests, including clear deadlines for processing, and provide regular updates to applicants. Implement mechanisms for citizens to report delays and irregularities.

Kinyua has also urged that a launch of information campaign to educate citizens about their rights and entitlements in relation to government documents, should be established.


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