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Teacher Who Couldn’t Have Kids Miraculously Delivers Bouncing Baby Boy at 53

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They said I was cursed. They said I couldn’t have kids because God did not trust me.

Some claimed that I had mistreated people’s children as a teacher and therefore I was facing the wrath of Karma.

One day we had an argument with a parent over a student’s indiscipline. The parent told me in unprintable words that I should have my own kids if I wanted someone to discipline.

‘Unajua uchungu wa kuzaa kweli wewe?’ She asked while pointing a finger into my eyes. Some of my fellow teachers publicly humiliated me by not inviting me to baby showers and other baby-related stuff.

My husband Peter wasn’t spared. His family persuaded him to marry another wife and dump me. I was eating a lot of food and not making babies, my in-laws said during one family gathering.

Life was unbearable. I wonder why people are so obsessed with other people having kids yet there are so many street children without parental care out there.

I suggested to Peter that we should adopt a child but he was not comfortable with that idea.

One day, while we were in church, I met a woman who told me she had heard about my problems and was ready to connect me with someone who could help. I wondered which kind of help I would get in my fifties.

This woman said, she knew of a man called Dr. Mugwenu, who had helped several people like me. She gave me Daktari’s number.

When I called, I told Mugwenu that I had been unable to bear a child. He said he would help me.

True to his word, I got pregnant and delivered a bouncing baby boy just after my 51st birthday. We called the baby Miracle coz it has never been heard before.

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