August 10, 2022


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Wajackoyah: Makende ya fisi ni pesa,China will buy to make medicine

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Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah, in yet another controversial agenda, is proposing to export hyena meat and testicles as part of raising revenue to offset the country’s huge debt.

Wajackoyah claims that the animal’s meat is more expensive than the currently exported beef and would be able to yield more capital for the nation in a bid to boost the economy and settle the country’s debt.

“We shall export dog meat to china, we shall export hyena meat to China because we do not need hyenas in this country. Chinese eat hyenas,” Wajackoyah noted.

He was speaking during the launch of his manifesto at the KICC in Nairobi on Thursday.

Inside Wajackoyah’s plan to export hyena meat, testicles to China

In the same light, Wajackoyah further purports that the sale of hyena testicles would be part of the deal that will see the country rake in revenue since the organs are a source of medicine.

“I hear that 1000 hyenas have 2000 testicles and that the testicles are a source of medicines in China. The testicles are more expensive than Ganja; one testicle is almost Ksh. 6 million,” he said.

He added: “Therefore we shall export hyena testicles, dog meat and the hyenas themselves. One kilogram of dog meat costs six times more than the price of a Kilogram of goat meat.”

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At the same time, Wajackoyah also reiterated his plan to export snake meat to the Asian country saying that it valuable and would similarly help in raking in revenue for Kenya.

He consequently said his government would also leverage the snake hides by setting up an industry that manufactures shoes and other products from the reptile’s skins.

“Snake meat will go to China, after they eat, then we will have paid the debt. As for the snake hides, we will have an industry here in Kenya that will make shoes out of the same. This time we are the ones going to export snake skins,” he explained.

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