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Drama in Kibera as Serial Rapist Undresses and Runs Mad

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I always suspected that something was wrong with my daughter. When she was in class six, she got attached to this teacher who used to buy her sweets.

My daughter would come home with several gifts, saying they had come from the teacher. I got suspicious.

My daughter’s results dropped dramatically that year. But she kept talking glowingly about the teacher. I had to transfer her from that school.

However, something very unusual happened after the transfer. My daughter kept going back to the teacher’s house.

One day, I got too suspicious and decided to confront the teacher on what he was doing to my little girl. He insulted me.

Kibera is a very dangerous place for little girls. I knew I had to take immediate action if I didn’t want to lose my girl. I reported the incident to a local NGO.

My daughter was taken for counseling. She admitted that she had been having sexual relationships with the teacher and that he had threatened her never to tell anyone about the affair.

I was shocked beyond measure. After several medical checks on my daughter. They found that she had been defiled.

However, police declined to arrest the teacher because I didn’t have money. He bribed the authorities.

I was so mad. Here was a rapist who was going to get away with defilement because of our corrupt justice system.

That is when I decided to seek the services of Dr. Mugwenu, a renown herbalist.

I told Mugwenu that I wanted justice for my daughter. I wanted the teacher to suffer. Mugwenu promised to cast his spell.

After three days, the teacher went mad, removed his clothes and started shouting to everyone who could hear. He confessed to not only raping my daughter but 12 other girls.

Police had to take action. He was sentenced to 20 Years in prison

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