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How I managed to tame my narcist husband

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My name is Esther Njeri from Kabete. I have been married for the seven years and blessed with three beautiful girls.For the past nine years marriage for me has not been a walk in the park . I has been rough for me having to leave and come back all the time.

I met my husband Jonathan when I was still a student at Kabete institute. He was a lecturer in that school , though never married he was quite older than me. He was so good to me and he really took care of me when I was student. He paid my rent, bought my clothes and took me and my friends out all weekends.That was all a campus girl neede to make her fall in love.

Amidst the lovely times I found myself pregnant. He acted as a gentleman told me he will take care of us and the coming baby. Although we had known each other for a few months he insisted that I move in with him. That was the worst mistake I did.

Problems started after the baby was born. Jonathan would always start fights for no reason. He told me to cut off all my friends that now I was am married woman. He deleted all the male contacts on my phone and I was not around to come close to any man. He started accusing my relatives of wanting to break our marriage.

He was so jealous and this made my life hard. If I bought a fancy dress, he complained that I wanted to seduce other men. I had to dress like an old woman just to keep him happy. That was my life for all those years. Somedays he would become violent and I would run to my parents’ home. He would come back to take me very apologetic making promises to never hurt me again. This became the trend.

I wanted to have a normal loving family without being controlled. I had tried all means to talk to my husband and it never worked so I was going to do it differently now. I decided to consult a traditional doctor Dr Mugwenu to help my marriage stand. He helped me and for the past one year with have been one loving family

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