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How Sonko spent Millions in Campaign and later turned into hawking

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Despite being from a well family in Laikipia County, Gathuo Gichuru is languishing in poverty along the streets while hawking to earn a living.

Currently, the former banker and politician is hawking men wear along the street after battling depression for the longest time.

He states, he was advised by the doctor to seek something to do instead of being idle and the new hustle has helped him to heal.

He has a degree in Economics from Kenyatta University, CPAs up to level four and a diploma in computer engineering but no job is coming his way.

His friend in politics has left him to die including his two wives who left him after he got broke.

Mr Gathuo Gichuru popularly known as Sonko vied for the Laikipia Senate seat in 2013 and 2017 consecutively but lost despite him spending millions of monies.

“I spent millions during 2013 and 2017 but now am broke,” Sonko claims.

The former Kenyatta University student leader says that things have been hard and some of his close friend whom they schooled together haven’t come to his help.

“I introduced Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro to campus politics while also nominated senator Isaac Mwaura mentored me while Nyeri speaker John Kaguchia was also my classmate and best friend, “he said.

Sonko as popularly known by his constituents in Kinamba, Ng’arua village in Laikipia County had earlier worked at CFC bank between 2008 and 2009.

He states this was his first job and later joined Barclays bank in the year 2010 before he ventured into the transport business.

“I was doing good in 2011 after I ventured into businesses and I made millions, everyone in my area knew that I was rich and I found myself into active politics in 2013, my campaign was well organized and I traversed the whole of Laikipia but I wasn’t lucky, ’he stated.

Immediately he lost the nomination, his wife left with three kids as he couldn’t provide for them anymore.

He repackaged himself and raised himself again, he married the second wife in preparation for the 2017 elections but she also left after he lost too.

Life became hard and he couldn’t provide for himself and found himself fighting depression.

Close family members deserted him and termed him useless and this worsened his case noting that it’s only his mother who could care for him.

His family being polygamous, his 24 siblings haven’t come to his rescue from the streets but said that some have catered for his medication.

“Life is hard, wait until you get broke and you will realize that no one cares for you, those who used to hang with you nicknaming you funny names will be the first to run away from you, claiming you don’t think, “he said amid trying to balance tears.

During an interview with Newsline, Mr Gathuo said his woes were contributed to the fact that none of his family members wished to help him and all judged him and he decided to run away from home to Nakuru County where no one knew him.

“I spent millions and had millions of debts. I recovered financially. Vied again in 2017, nikaanguka tena Bila kupingwa. I spent millions and had millions of debts. I had friends who would buy me alcohol, but I would never go home even with a piece of bread. My wife could not handle it anymore. She left. I became an alcoholic and miraa eater to be busy, he posted.

Having tried many businesses and failing, and with no capital, he decided to use the small that he got from a friend, and that how he found himself hawking through help from a friend who inducted him with training.

“Having no capital, I had to use the little that I had. I decided to be a hawker, I moved to a town where nobody knew me. I bought the hoods and jackets. A friend of mine did the induction training to me, “he said.

He is now calling upon his friends to come to his rescue and offer him any available job for him to start a new life.

“My governor Nderitu Mureithi has told my constituents in Ng’arua, Kinamba that he has offered me a job but this isn’t the case, he should be aware that am currently hawking, but his help will highly be appreciated, “he said.

He said that the only person who once helped him is former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga who was his opponent in 2017.

He said that Maina helped him with Ksh 20,000 after he lost and he couldn’t raise a coin.

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