April 15, 2024


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Lusaka denies using Speaker’s position to fight Wangamati

Governor Warns of Political Interference in Bungoma County-Newsline.co.ke

Governor Warns of Political Interference in Bungoma County-Newsline.co.ke

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Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka yesterday denied claims by Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati that he was using his position to undermine him.

 Lusaka said he is the head of the Senate and that protocol require that he cannot speak at forums before a governor.

Speaking to People Daily on phone, the Speaker dismissed Wangamati’s declaration that he governor would be speaking last in Bungoma functions after Lusaka publicly announced that he would vie for the gubernatorial seat.

Lusaka was Bungoma’s first governor but lost to Wangamati in 2017. “I am the Speaker of the Senate and not of the Bungoma County Assembly, so protocol must be adhered to fully in any function,” said Lusaka.

Wangamati has said he will be treating the Speaker like any other opponent whenever they meet in functions.

 “From now I will be dealing with you as my competitor. So you will be speaking before me,” said Wangamati. The Governor claimed the Speaker has been using protocol arrangements to discredit his administration.

Wangamati at the weekend surprised a gathering when he invited Lusaka to speak ahead of him. “I only respected him on that day so he should not think it will be business as usual,” said Senate boss.

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