May 22, 2024


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Peter Munga replaced by James Nene as secretary general kikuyu council of elders

Caption:Kikuyu council of elders National Chairman, Wachira Kiago (right) and Ag. Secretary General, J Nene (left)

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Kikuyu Council of Elders has appointed James Nene as acting secretary-general following the recent resignation of Peter Munga to form his outfit.

 Munga held the position for 8 years before he left the organization whose offices are opposite Garden estate mall at Homeland lounge.

 Speaking to the media, Kikuyu Council of elders Wachira Kiago said that Mr Nene was appointed to fill the vacant.

 He said Mr Nene is the organization treasurer for over 15 years.

 He said that he was given the mandate by the National governing council to hold the position.

 “The national governing council appointed Mr. Nene to hold the position as the recruitment is ongoing, “he said.

 Also contacted for comment, Mr. James Nene said that he is also chairman of the Kikuyu Council of elders Nakuru chapter.

 He said that he joined the council since its inception.

 He said that the Kikuyu council of elders have been holding the meetings in preparation for the 2022 general election.

 During the recent Raila Odinga visit to Nyeri County, Mr. Nene played a key role in bringing all the delegates together.

He was assigned to ensure that, Luo council of elders’ welfares were taken care of.

 The Council is campaigning for Raila Odinga presidency in 2022.

 They have been working together in selling his presidential mandate 2022.

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