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Popular Kikuyu Musicians in Messy Separations Over Infidelity and Fights

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Lately there has been a lot of scandals surrounding artists as pertaining to their social and family lives.

Musicians from the Kikuyu community have been in the news on issues on marital lives, infights and 2022 politics.

A peek into their lives we chronicle a number of them who have been in messy separations with their spouses and surprisingly the gospel singers have been the most affected.

  1. late Mighty Salim.

The late king of Mugithi succumbed to kidney complications on January 24 while being rushed to Kenyatta University Referral Hospital and when the sad news broke it emerged he had also separated with his wife and remarried.

Mighty had gone separate ways with the mother of his two children identified as Esther Baumbach. Esther was married by a mzungu and they relocated to Abu Dhabi.

In one of his songs Mighty claimed Esther dumped him. He alleged she walked out on him after illness took a toll on him but the ex-wife claimed she suffered physical assault by the late musician.

She alleged cheating and abuse pushed her out and before she met the current husband she worked as a waitress in a bar where Mighty would show up and harass her.

At one time the artist was arrested and locked in after he allegedly attacked her at her workplace.

  1. Jane Muthoni.

One of the revered Kikuyu gospel musicians separated with her first husband due to irreconcilable situations.

Muthoni who has opted to stay a private life remarried in 2019. She got married to a man who had hired her to perform at a funeral.

She says her divorce with the first husband was messy and left her lonely and stressed especially after fellow women started to avoid her for they thought she would elope with their husbands.

‘Some even stopped being my friends. My message is that no one wants to live single, it just happens under tough circumstances that we might not be in a position to prevent. I tried my best to save my marriage but it couldn’t work.’

She remained a single mother for a long time as she feared settling again and finding herself in the same bad situation.

  1. Regina Wa Anganiwe.

We knew her as Regina Muthoga, a gospel artist who shot to prominence after she performed during the burial of Nyeri Governor Nderitu Gachagua in 2017.

She was married to Bishop Bernard Muthoga of Archdeacon at African Independent Pentecostal Churches of Africa (AIPCA).

When their divorced case went to a court in Nyeri, the skeletons in the closet were revealed.

Bishop Muthoga accused Regina of infidelity and cruelty. The two married in 2002 but since 2014 according to court documents, Regina abandoned him their three children. She moved to Nairobi where he enjoyed life.

Efforts to reconcile them failed as the musician was allegedly reluctants and unwilling.

After the divorce Bishop Muthoga in June 2019 wedded Catherine Wangeci, a gospel musician and in early last year Regina who renamed herself Regina wa Anganiwe got married to a USA-based businessman Nicholas Ng’ang’a Njoroge. The wedding was held at Sigona ACK Church.

  1. Allan Aaron.

The Akurinu singer dumped his wife Ann Shiko after he moved to Boston in the US where he stayed for some time and made some good money.

Aaron and Shiko had sired four children but when Aaron moved to the US to minister the word of God, he started treating her badly and eventually abandoned her without minding the welfare of their children.

Early this year Aaron on his Facebook page revealed he married again.

Earlier Shiko in a Youtube interview said for over a year he blocked communication with her.

“He would not pick up my calls and whenever he did, he had very unkind words for me,” Shiko revealed.

When Aaron came to Kenya he went to their house and picked his belongings without explaining to his wife what was going on.

  1. Joyce Wa Mama.

She is one of the fast-rising Kikuyu secular musicians with a huge following but unknown to many Joyce Wa Mama has suffered emotionally after separation with her baby daddy.

She was married to Gukena FM presenter Munyeki Sonko and they sired a boy.

Their separation appears to have hurt the musician and it is said some of her songs she attacks men are aimed at Unyeki.

They include songs like Nonguige Gwakwa (I can host you in my house) and Wanjogothaga Niki (Why did you seduce me).

They fell in love when Munyeki was working at Coro FM and Wa Mama was starting off her music career.

In a past interview Wa Mama said though Munyeki is already married they meet to talk about their son and do assist each other where necessary.

  1. Mary Lincoln.

She left her husband Lincoln who had supported her growth from a little-known gospel musician to a household name.

Late last year Mary Lincoln agreed to officially be the second wife of Kameme TV and FM presenter Njogu wa Njoroge.

Mary was married and had children with the first husband who is a businessman but behind his back he was dating Njogu.

Close friends say Lincoln was left a shattered man after he nurtured her only to dump him and opt the moneyed, popular broadcaster.

Njogu paid her dowry in August last year.

  1. Loise Kim.

Loise Kim’s divorce is one of the most talked about marital issues touching on a Kikuyu gospel musician.

Rumours were peddled that she was dumped for a mzungu and other allegation were that she even attempted suicide.

The gospel singer says she never thought of suicide but the divorce was messy and it hurt her for long.

Loise Kim was married at the age of 22 but a few years later her marriage collapsed. Her husband dumped her when he moved to America.

He left her with two children and after she released the song “Wendo wa Kiambiriria” (The first love) word went rife that she was addressing her hubby.

In an interview with Kikuyu Diaspora TV she revealed that the separation prompted the song.

“When I was singing that song I was bitter about my marriage. We let the devil come between us. We used to exchange bitter words which made things worse” She revealed.

  1. Kezia wa Kariuki.

The gospel artist and former Kameme TV host Keziah Kariuki was married by Benson Gathungu alias Muthee Kiengei who is also a presenter on Kameme FM and host of a show on the sister Kameme TV.

They laid bare their matrimonial problems in 2019 after it emerged Kiengei had fallen in love with a younger woman identified as Joyceline Ngaru.

Keziah narrated how Kiengei brought Joyceline into their home. She was heartbroken and even wept live on TV.

They have a daughter and according to Kiengei there was no happiness in their marriage so they decided to go separate ways and each look for happiness.

When his fans castigated him he fired back saying living together and separating was their choice.

“It was my decision to marry. She moved on well and she is happy and me too. I am not a priest that I should not marry” he retorted.

  1. Betty Bayo

It is over seven months since Betty Bayo was officially dumped by the controversial Victor Kanyari and apparently the gospel musician is yet to overcome the divorce.

Betty has been ranting on social media how Kanyari used and dumped her and that she even bleached her skin to make him happy. The couple had sired two children.

She claimed she was hurt by his scandalous life in addition to running a false ministry.

She now calls herself the president of single mothers though she has been revealed she is willing to settle down again with a moneyed. divorced man.

When Kanyari was asked about the divorced and how his ex-hubby was attacking him on social media, he said;

“You cannot force love to anyone. Na ukiachwa achika. I would say, if she loves me, I love her too but if she does not, then why should I force myself to her?”.

  1. Eddie Gathenge

Mugithi artist Dr Eddie Gathenge’s case is a strange one because he lost his girlfriend to a fellow lady.

He composed a song Nindarwarire (I got sick) narrating how she dumped him and it affected him.

“It is a true story. I was left a devastated man. She told me she didn’t have another man in her life but was shocked to learn she was into a fellow woman” gathenge disclosed on a youtube interview.

He said he bumped them in bed in the act and when he disclosed it to his friends they ridiculed him saying he was like a toothless dog.

Gathenge is a father of one and is happily married.

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