December 7, 2023


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US warns of a possible spill-over of the raging civil war in Ethiopia’s to Kenya, South Sudan

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 The US government yesterday warned of a possible spill-over of the raging civil war in Ethiopia’s Tigray region to neighbouring countries such as Kenya and South Sudan.

 Acting US ambassador to Kenya Eric Kneedler said the embassy was on high alert and was ready to help Kenya deal with any possible eventuality.

“We understand that such war may spiral in the neighbouring countries and our joint anti-terrorism team, based in Kenya are doing all they can to ensure that security is beefed up,’’ he said.

Kneedler said the US government was working closely with the Kenyan security apparatus to enhance its capacity to handle any spillovers from the civil war in the Horn of Africa nation.

This includes and not limited to security awareness for those living and working abroad by helping them identify risks and reduce their vulnerabilities to criminal and terrorist threats.

Defence skills Part of the training involves, basic self-defence course to provide soldiers with situational awareness, de-escalation tactics and basic selfdefence skills necessary to protect themselves in dangerous situations in the event of war and/or attack.

 Kneedler spoke at a time the Kenyan government has tightened security on its 800-kilometre (500-mile) Northern border with Ethiopia.

Police have also set up additional roadblocks to monitor the movement of firearms and foreigners who may try to enter Kenya illegally to thwart terrorism activities.

Local communities and the government have warned of a possible influx of Ethiopian refugees, as the war raging in the country’s northern Tigray region spills into Kenya.

Northern Kenya is home to the refugee camps of Kakuma in the northwest and Dadaab in the Northeast. They are among the world’s largest refugee settlements.

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