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What I did after I suspected my husband is cheating on me

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It is very sad that a man I had trusted for many years would turn out to become a beast at the most unexpected moment.

Our daughter who is in the University doing her third year had just come back home for December Holidays last year when we decided together to do thorough cleanliness of our household.

We cleaned the house and the compound before next day deciding to clean all clothes including my husbands which comprised long trousers and jackets.

Poor me I left my daughter to help wash my husband’s trousers. The exercise was going well until when all hell broke loose!

What happened, I saw my daughter skip to wash a black trouser which my husband had just warn the other day. I asked her why she was skipping it.

But she looked me in the face suspiciously without uttering a word. I started to ask myself why she was not responding to my question.

I then went and picked it to wash myself. I started to empty all the pockets throwing everything on the ground when a Trust Condom packet dropped down. And to make the matters worse, part of it had been used.

Embarrassed, I picked it hurriedly as my daughter looked away, returned it in the pocket and went to keep the trouser in the house. My husband was still sleeping since he had indulged a lot yesterday night.

I came back though tired and continued with the washing, but this time round, my mood had changed. I never wanted to speak to anyone. My daughter on the other hand, had realised how disturbed I was and remained at distance.

I waited until at night when I brought the topic asking my husband why he had decided to embarrass us in that manner.

“Why did you decided to embarrass your daughter and I?” I asked as he sought to know what had happened. He seemingly had not realized he accidentally carried the packet home.

I opted to bring the trouser and asked him about it. He grabbed the trouser and emptied the pocket when he grabbed the packet. He shouted, “Why are you keeping these things here?”

At that point I know he was diverting attention when I finally told him it is not even me who had found it but his daughter!

He looked down, stood and went straight to the washroom where he stayed for 10 minutes before he came again.

We quarreled that night, he slapped me but I kept confronting him until he threw me out of our house at night.

I left the home and ran to my neighbor’s place where he gave me a shoulder to lean on for that night, and in the morning, left to my sister’s place in Kisumu.

When I arrived in Kisumu, my sister asked why my left eye had swollen and I explained myself telling her how we had quarreled and fought.

I told her the reason before she told me to calm as she will be taking me to a traditional Doctor who would help bring hope into my life by punishing my husband to teach him a lesson,

Morning came and she took me to a certain office in town where I met with a renowned traditional healer Mugwenu Doctors who touched my head, smeared my forehead with oil and asked me to touch a black skin lying on the floor with my right hand for three minutes.

He then asked us to leave and wait to see what will be happening to my arrogant husband who had decided to betray our marriage.

Mugwenu Doctors are the best traditional African herbalists from Tanzania now working here, and spiritual healers who not only deliver to their promises but even heal dreaded diseases.

In just three days, my husband called telling me that his private parts had started to swell and were painful. He suspected something was wrong when at that point I knew Mugwenu’s magic powers were at play.

The following day in the morning the man was wailing on phone saying, “Naumia kwa longi naumia …kwa longi’ before I told him to respect our marriage. He promised to do exactly that and called me back in his life. Mugwenu treated him back to normal and we are okay and happily living together.

I can say that with the exceptional working experience, Mugwenu Doctors can turn your problems into permanent solutions. You don’t even need much but just a call to get your problems solved.

Mugwenu Doctors say they can lock and unlock . They can help you anywhere you are. Distance doesn’t matter as long as you follow instructions. His solutions are real and come fast. Contact Mugwenu Doctors on: +254740637248 Or visit https://mugwenudoctors.com and learn more about their services. Kindly share this story to help all men suffering out there.

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