September 26, 2022


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Agency calls for lifting of ban on importation of GM foods

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National Biosafety Authority now wants the ban on importation and use of Genetically Modified (GM) foods lifted, as it was affecting food production in the country.

According to the authority, the ban had affected full implementation of the Biosafety Act of 2009.

 This came as the agency announced that it was ready to release GM maize and cassava seeds into the market.

 This emerged at the end ofthe annual National Biosafety Authority Conference held at Sawela Lodge in Naivasha.

National Biosafety Authority chairman Joseph Chavutia noted that they had made several achievements in addressing food security in the country.

He said he knew maize variety would significantly improve food security and reduce environmental damage due to the minimal use of pesticides.

“The approval of GM cassava which is resistant to Cassava Brown Streak Disease will see farmers benefit from increased cassava root quality,” he said.

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