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How I ended up marrying well established lawyer despite being drop out

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If my memory serves me right, my family was the poorest in the village and most laughed in the year 2013.

My father was just a mere peasant farmer who would harvest six bags of maize annually which was not enough for us.

He raised us in a difficult environment where we leant the word breakfast and lunch on the radio only with my three siblings who are younger languish in poverty as they continued to struggle to go to school just like me.

When I finally sat my KCPE exams, I passed well but school fee was a big problem. I remained in the village as a herdsman and after two years moved to Nairobi to look for an employment.

I tried to search for one but it never came by. Was forced to return home heartbroken thinking how my younger sisters and brothers would one day be saved from the abject and biting poverty.

I continued trying everything as long as life could move next day when I met a number on the internet about traditional doctors who can be able to spell cast fortune into someone.

I secretly scribbled it down and kept it safe in my wallet before I started visiting one Doctor Mugwenu who encouraged me and promised that in just three month I will meet a beautiful woman who would permanently change my life. He told me I should agree to marry the woman when I finally meet her.

So when I went to my auntie’s place in Eldoret for a two week visit, I kept moving around in search of a job and in many cases I would only land construction jobs within the town.

One day when I was coming from job with tattered clothes, I met with woman who was driving a Subaru brand new car and who offered me a sympathy lift.

“Helo, How is you where to? Can you get a lift” she asked and I said “yes” since where my auntie lived is three kilometers away. It was alittle far hectic to walk.

She took my number which shew flashed on mine and told me anytime I am leaving or going in town I should first try and find out from her if she can drop me.

I never knew the lady had been seeing me for the last two weeks struggle to walk to and from town everyday while driving along the same route.

We continued with the friendship where I eventually learnt she was a practicing lawyer running her firm within Eldoret town.

She encouraged me every time we met and started to support me anytime I was disturbed. She felt I wanted help until one day when she told me to dress well she will be taking me somewhere.

It was on a Tuesday when she picked me from the junction and drove with me to a building in town where she asked the boss to employ me I was suffering. The boss accepted her request since they were friends.

When we left the office driving around town for lunch, she told me I will be picking my employment letter tomorrow at the same office.

“You see I told you life can change.  You are going to work in that good office. Whatever job you will be given take it,” she assured me before dropping a bombshell that “when you get stable you can start to disrespect me but I think not,” she reckoned in jest.

On my part I blushed before she started to laugh at me in jest. She took me tio her home and as they say the rest is history.

As we speak today money, cars and good life is what I am enjoying just because I paid a visit to Doctor Mugwenu. His numbers are +254 740637248.

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Dr. Mugwenu says his spell casting powers work within 24 hours, and usually within the same day they are released. He handles general problems ranging from winning court cases, winning the lottery, protection of family and property, as well as accurately foretelling one’s future.

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