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How I found my wife is cheating on me after I found out text messages

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“Helo baby? tukutane Friday kwa ile room ya juu 4th floor,” My wife’s mobile phone had this text.

When I read this message, I can remember it was on a Monday Nov 2018, my heart pumped and I was lost of words. I didn’t believe that my wife and my neighbor teacher have been doing this thing and for that long.

I started gathering more evidence to ascertain the truth. I did not want to rush into a conclusion before having iron clad evidence.

This was my lowest moments of marriage since my attraction and appetite for my wife started to go down very fast. I couldn’t confidently make love with her.

I concentrated much on gathering more information on what I had seen in her phone. It was a disturbing experience for me what even led to my health deterioration. It greatly affected me but kept it in top secret so that she could never notice that I had a hint of what was happening between them.

Since the message wanted them to meet on a Friday at a place I knew very well, I waited to see for myself and when the day came, I left to my job just a few kilometers away. I left very early but knew I would make my way back early also to see what happens.

It was at around 2PM when I excused myself back home and walked back to my home. When I arrived I found my doors locked and no one was around! She had left probably for that date.

I went walked straight to my neighbour’s(Steve) home only to find his wife whom I asked on lighter note  if I could see Steve. She did not realize what I was looking for.

“Ametoka tu saa hii kwa pikipiki na hakuniambia anenda wapi,” she told me.

At that point, I realized he had gone to join my wife at a lodging I suspected.  I laid a clever trap without attracting so much attention and went straight to where I thouhht they had gone to pluck the forbidden fruit.

And when I arrived, I sat downstairs in a corner and relaxed on a soda as I waited. An hour later, I saw two people leave a room and my wife told him.

“I sweaty ulinivuruga leo. Hata sijui kama leo baba watoto ataniguza aki umeniweza,” she told him as they kissed their way out.

They started to climb down the stairs, and when they reached where I was they were shocked to see me staring at them in confidence.

I left my soda halfway, went straight to where they were and told them, “From today you are free to go on with your sex escapades. I give an Okay,”

Steven started to run away trembling thinking I was going to harm him but I told him I was not interested in harming you since you have been doing this for a longer time. What I just want you to do is to promise you will keep this wife forever. I am gone.

I left back to my home and started thinking what I could do before I was tipped about someone who can deal with such randy men and women. I was given a number belonging to a traditional African doctor by the name Mugwenu whom I hooked up with to help punish these people who had disrespected me. He performed few things and told me this three words, “give them time”.

My wife on the other hand, thought I had forgiven her and continued pretending that she had now reformed. I did not want to cause chaos until things cooled down and the two forgot they had messed me. They went on a repeat just a month later.

It seems they had not learnt a lesson. It happened again but at a different place. Word spread like bush fire that couples were stuck in a hotel room. I rushed there and found out that it was the two.

At that point I knew he was Mr. Mugwenu who had done his job perfectly. He promised that something will have to happen and advised me to give them time. It happened and I was happy that finally the chicken had come home to roost.

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