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I was pregnated by my principle but mum told me to keep quiet

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Hey, my name is Gladys Mwenje, from Kitui County and a mother of one. Am 22 years old. I got my son when in form two from my principle who defiled me at his office over the weekend.

The moment I notified my parent about the ordeal, they told me to keep quiet or else the society would curse me.

After 5 months, I started to develop complications that almost drained my life and I became hopeless as there was no one who would bother ask what was happening.

At seven 7 months of my pregnancy, I had STI and since i didn’t have money I opted to stay with it.

One day my friend noticed everything wasn’t okay with me and she requested me to open up.

After she realized my problem, she directed me to his doctor whom later I come to know was called doctor Mugwenu and that how my problems were solved.

My son is now okay and am enjoy life with a big spoon as I married my former classmate. We are now blessed with two more children a boy and a girl.

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